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Hiking map of the trail footpath: Garafía/Sto Domingo - Las Tricias

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Hiking map of the trail footpath: Garafía/Sto Domingo - Las Tricias
 11,46 km 812m 396m  2   4h5mn (2,8km/h)  Linear footpaths       361.kml - 361.gpx

Data sheet of the trail/hiking path      

1->2 - (GR 130)  Very good shape
Distance 9,15 km   548 m   375m
2->3 - (GR 130)  Very good shape
Distance 0,66 km   39 m   17m
Follow the GR130 towards Puntagorda and Las Tricias. Pass a rehabilitated house in the middle of flowers and follow the path to the bottom of the barranco where a bridge allows the passage of a water pipe. Go up until you reach the main path of Burracas. To the right Burracas and the Aloes Café, to the left Las Tricias and the Dragos.
3->4 - (GR 130)  Very good shape
Distance 0,09 km   19 m   0m
Go up to the dragos and Las Tricias by the GR130. Pass the dragos and cross the track. The path passes near a house that asks not to raise your voice too much. Follow the GR130 on the road, then the path, turn left after the house until you reach the road to Sto Domingo. Follow the road for 400m and at the bend go up following the GR130. After the houses the GR130 goes straight on towards Puntagorda, on the left the village of Las TRicias, on the right the path goes down towards the gofio mill and Burracas.
4->5 - (GR 130)  Very good shape
Distance 0,30 km   54 m   0m
5->6 - (GR 130)  Very good shape
Distance 0,20 km   32 m   0m
Drive up the asphalt road towards Las Tricias for about 1 km. After a bend overlooking the barranco, a path on the right goes up towards Las Tricias, bordering the Izcagua barranco. Follow it up to a group of houses. On the right the GR130 towards Puntagorda. Straight ahead a path joins the hamlet of La Tricias and the church square. On the left, the GR130 towards Santo Domingo.
6->7 - (GR 130)  Very good shape
Distance 0,63 km   63 m   2m
7->8 - ()  Very good shape
Distance 0,43 km   57 m   2m
Go up towards the village of Las Tricias, follow the cement road and turn left on the path that leads to the central square of the village with its pretty chapel in the middle.

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