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Hiking map of the trail footpath: El Paso/San Nicolás - Lavas de San Juan - Llano de Tamanca - San Nicolas

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Hiking map of the trail footpath: El Paso/San Nicolás - Lavas de San Juan - Llano de Tamanca - San Nicolas
 7,78 km 577m 578m  2   2h47mn (2,8km/h)  Round footpaths       323.kml - 323.gpx

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1->2 - (PR LP 14.1)  Very good shape
Distance 3,14 km   529 m   1m
From the Frederico Simón terrero municipal, go up the road until you cross the lava flow. The path starts on the left and goes up along the lava flow. The path is well signposted. It crosses and follows in parts a cemented path. In a sharp bend, the path takes the track away to go up along a secondary wash and into a beautiful pine forest. The slope is remarkable until a crossroads. On the left the path SL EP 103 leads to El Jable and El Paso. On the right the path continues to the Colada de San Juan.
2->3 - (LP 14.1)  Very good shape
Distance 0,59 km   23 m   46m
Follow the road to the San Juan lava flow and go through it. The landscape is impressive, formed with an endless number of figures, drawings fixed forever as well as canyons. It is recommended not to leave the path to leave this panorama intact. When you leave the lava flow, the SL EP 105 path goes up on the left side, bordering lava flow. The LP 14.1 path continues straight ahead towards the south.
3->4 - (LP 14.1)  Very good shape
Distance 0,25 km   2 m   14m
Follow the trail LP14.1 south for about 260m. This path of the same reference deviates to the right and goes down towards the Llanos de Tamanca. Straight ahead, it is called SL EP 106 going south.
4->5 - (SL EP 106)  Very good shape
Distance 0,90 km   18 m   37m
Go south on the path SL EP 106 almost 1 km inside the pine forest until the junction with the path SL EP 107. On the left it goes upwards the forest dirt road and on the right it goes down towards the Llanos de Tamanca.
5->6 - (SL EP 107)  Regular shape
Distance 1,27 km   0 m   274m
Go down the path SL EP 107 towards the Llanos de Tamanca. The descent is not very pronounced and is easily done inside the pine forest. When you arrive in the Llanos de Tamanca you cross the walking path LP 14.1. This path goes upwards on the right and quite steep towards the Colada of San Juan, on the left it goes downwards the main road near Jedey. Straight on, the path SL EP 107 continues towards the village of San Nicolas.
6->7 - (SL EP 107)  Very good shape
Distance 1,63 km   5 m   206m
Continue towards the village of San Nicolas on the SL EP 107 path. The end of the hike is along a street in the village before reaching the main road where the GR130 passes. Turn left towards Jedey, Fuencaliente in the south of the island, turn right towards Los Lanos de Aridane and El Paso.

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