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Hiking map of the trail footpath: Garafía/Juan Adalid-El Mudo-Piscinas-Juan Adalid

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Hiking map of the trail footpath: Garafía/Juan Adalid-El Mudo-Piscinas-Juan Adalid
 7,66 km 521m 522m  3   2h44mn (2,8km/h)  Round footpaths       302.kml - 302.gpx

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1->2 - ()  Very good shape
Distance 0,39 km   1 m   34m
From the parking lot on the side of the road, before reaching the houses of Juan Adalid, go down 100m down the track. Straight ahead the track, only suitable for 4x4 vehicles, descends to the lower part of the point, on the left towards the chapel of Juan Adalid and the caves once used for goat breeding.
2->3 - ()  Bad shape
Distance 3,21 km   194 m   380m
Follow towards the chapel and the caves for about 100m and leave, on the right, the track that goes to the top of the mound where the chapel of Juan Adalid is located. Continue on the left towards the caves, pass in front of them and go down to the bottom of the barranco. Follow the path that goes up on the El Mudo plan. When you reach it, turn right to follow the ridge. The path no longer exists but it is easy to find the passages by staying on the ridge line. It is always easier to follow firmer rocky areas. The descent is in the middle of the cactus in the direction of an earthy area lacking cactus, then look for the edge of the barranco, on the right, in the lower part of the plan, to find the path to cross it. The path is well marked although not maintained but the cardoons are extraordinary as well as the crest and the balsamic euphorbia. The place is magical and unique. Go up on the other side. On the flat, the dirt track goes up towards the starting point, on the left it runs along the cliff of the seaside.
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El inicio es la pista que conduce a unas cuevas, utilizadas hasta hace poco por ganaderos. Luego el sendero esta bien marcado hasta la lomada del Mudo. La parte siguiente sigue el lomo, seguir si intuición hasta abajo donde recoge otro antiguo camino que va por la costa.
3->4 - ()  Very good shape
Distance 0,89 km   6 m   96m
Follow the edge of the cliff overlooking the sea. At the bottom of the cliff there are many natural pools where connoisseurs like to go for a swim in their warm water, if there is no wind and the temperature is mild. Several passages allow access to them. Follow the edge of the cliff and pass in front of a cross which signals an accident at a place where descent is not very recommendable. Continue 300m further through the cactus, by goat paths (easy) to the end of a track. This point is recognizable by a wooden piramidal structure and a small fenced enclosure. Here you have to look for the path that leads to the swimming pools. It goes around a rock that forms a point (only suitable for those who are not afraid of heights). Be careful.
4->5 - ()  Bad shape
Distance 3,16 km   320 m   12m
Go up the runway by taking the direction of a hut located at the end of the runway on the left side of the map. Behind this hut, the track, in bad condition, joins the high part of Juan Adalid. Look for the remains of low walls that mark the old path or look for rocky areas. In the upper part the path is more visible, however it is possible to climb off the track without too many problems. Once you reach the plan, pass by the house and go back to the road to find the parking lot.

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