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Barranco del Jurado

This inmense, natural crevice separates the neighbourhood of El Jesús from the town center of Tijarafe. Its name comes from the sharp, pointy rock formations that erosion has carved into the canyon walls, with narrow spaces in between, called “juras” by the local people. The French traveller René Verneau, who visited this place at the end of the nineteenth century, wrote that one of those openings, which no longer exists, was used to cross from one side of the canyon to the other. Nowadays, the hiking path GR 130 crosses the canyon over the dry river bed. Due to the importance to the landscape of these peculiar geological formations, the Barranco del Jurado was placed under official protection. At the mouth, where the canyon meets the sea, there is a small sand and pebble beach.

Barranco del Jurado is composed by basaltic materials which, upon having been eroded, gives place to almost vertical walls reaching up to 620 meters high. The cliff with holes in its left slope is a characteristic feature of this place, a product of erosion falls, under which there was an old royal path. The sharp slopes of the cliff are the place for bird species such as red-billed choughs (Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax), Bolle´s pigeons (Columba bollii), laurel pigeons (Columba junoniae), common kestrels (Falco tinnunculus), together with interesting protected species such as Mt. Atlas mastic trees (Pistacia atlantica). 
In some traces of the ravine, farming and cattle breeding activities are developed; so, some small terraces, fruit plantations and goats may be found.

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